We connect people with the
mental health industry

we connect people with the psychedelics industry

Nucleus builds assets using its data-centric hub-and-spoke model

Nucleus supports the industry's needs


Nucleus values synergies. Partners can form strategic alliances with any of the Nucleus entities through data/content distribution and/or customer activation.


Via Nucleus’s API, third parties can leverage industry data and connect their own data to its proprietary technology to offer even more insights for users.

Community Building

Through its public-facing entities, such as Psychedelic Invest and Particles, Nucleus aspires to help people connect and build on top of its ecosystem.

The founding story

In April of 2021, I co-founded Iter Investments—a $20 million venture capital fund investing in companies focused on psychedelic medicine. My investment team realized very quickly that within the psychedelic industry there was a lack of connection between the “industry” and “the people”. We saw this gap as a major hindrance to the progression of psychedelics and their foreseeable impact on billions of lives.

This is where Nucleus comes in – My Investment Fund founded Nucleus as a venture studio that launches, acquires, or partners with assets that create the much needed connection between the people and the industry. We accomplish this lofty goal with our network of assets.

Nucleus's resources empowers all stakeholders in the psychedelic industry to transcend the lack of connection and cohesion that my team and I uncovered in early 2021.

Most of what we have accomplished or continue to strive for wouldn’t be remotely possible without our people. Our team consists of some of the most talented doctors, lawyers, scientists, writers, programmers, technologists, and marketing professionals in the industry.

With such deep experience and connection with institutional investors – Why are we crowdfunding?
Because we want our investor base to reflect the mission of Nucleus – connecting people to industry. By allowing a diverse group of passionate individuals the opportunity to invest into Nucleus, we will redistribute the power into the hands of you – the people. With your help we will accelerate the growth of the industry and ultimately heal billions of individuals.

Dustin Robinson
Co-Founder, Nucleus
Co-Founder, Iter Investments

At Nucleus, we envision “a world with unobstructed access to the most effective models of care.”

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Thank you to all of our investors!