Data leads the way

we connect people with the psychedelics industry

As a creative studio, Nucleus makes decisions and takes action quickly. Data sits at the core of everything the ecosystem does, which allows it to shelf projects that never work, pause those that are too early, and scale the brands that are well-positioned for growth.

What the process looks like

Nucleus is always asking....what does the industry need?

A smarter way to build solutions

The launch of each new brand follows a similar process, is capitalized accordingly, and leverages an infrastructure built for efficiency and profitability.

Nucleus is incubated by Iter Investments,a VC Fund with industry experts and advisors.

Build new companies quickly via a hub and spoke model and scalable technology.

A portfolio of assets equates to greater exposure and less risk simultaneously.

Fast decisions can be made to kill, scale, or sell each asset when most opportune.

The data system

Neuly is the data hub of the psychedelics industry with robust data discovery and distribution capabilities.

We've raised on Wefunder

Thank you to all of our investors!